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It is important for me as a spiritualist to continue learning and growing in all aspects of my life in order to better serve others.  As part of my spiritual practice, I have devoted myself to expanding my knowledge and training into different spiritual modules and different aspects of spirituality.  During my personal journey, I have studied and learned from many acclaimed, highly-regarded teachers.  I want to take this opportunity to share some of the valuable, life-changing resources available to everyone.  I hope you can benefit from and cherish the accumulated wisdom, guidance and insights.



Dr. Campbell, an acclaimed physicist as well as the author of My Big TOE, is one of my favorite authors, having spent more than three decades researching and exploring the metaphysical realm, bridging the gap between the physical and metaphysical realities with his scientific background.


His “My Big TOE” trilogy has connected the dots between the normal and the supernormal, the logical and the mystical, the physical and the metaphysical. If, like me, you are driven by questions about who we are and why we are here, Dr. Campbell’s work will certainly open a new horizon for your spiritual growth.



As I am passionate about dreams and the meaning of dream symbols, learning about dreams is an important part of my life-long journey.  Dr. Lennox is one of my unofficial teachers, from whom I have learned tremendously about dreams and dream interpretation.  If you are interested in finding out how to interpret dreams, you certainly do not want to miss Dr. Lennox’s archived radio show available on Podcast, “Dream Interpretation with Dr. Michael Lennox.”


His approach to dreams as well as his teachings about dream analysis have inspired me to help others by going deeper into their subconscious mind through dreams.



What drew me to Dr. Myss was her straightforward, no-nonsense approach in her teaching and her coaching work with others. Through her work in “The Language of Archetypes” and “Scared Contract,” I learned and discovered much about myself, my limitations and the blockages I subconsciously possessed to prevent myself from moving forward in achieving and fulfilling my goals. Her work has brought a dramatic amount of clarity and light to my personal spiritual journey.



Synchronicity is a concept introduced by Carl Jung explaining how some unrelated events are in fact meaningful coincidences.  I am always fascinated by this study and have become an enthusiast of synchronicity, paying closely attention to each coincidence between my nighttime dream life and my waking life, and reading anything about synchronicity I can get hold of.  In the audiobook “Synchrodestiny: Discovery the Power of Meaning Coincidence to Manifest Abundance in Your Life,” author Dr. Deepak Chopra shares numerous valuable personal experiences, which help the readers/listeners dive deeper into the theory of synchronicity and teaches us how we, too, can seek and benefit from synchronicity to manifest abundance in our lives.




Ever since I took the class, “Awakening the Luminous Mind: Tibetan Meditation for Finding Inner Refuge” with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, he has become one of my favorite and most-respected teachers.


As a highly-regarded teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, Rinpoche’s engaging, fun and down-to-earth teaching style has made the ancient wisdom easy to understand and highly relevant to our modern, westernized lifestyle.


In addition, his book and teachings about dream yoga, a Tibetan approach to achieve lucid dreaming, has become my regular spiritual practice.  If you too are looking for spiritual growth, you will certainly benefit from Rinpoche’s teaching and wisdom.

Mona Lisa


A medical doctor and medical intuitive consultant, Dr. Mona Lisa is an extremely gifted and unique individual with the ability to intuit into someone’s physical condition as well as emotional state in detail.  In her weekly show on Hay House Radio, which I regularly listen to every Wednesday, she helps callers/listeners connect all aspects of their lives, including physical, mental, psychological and spiritual health, and explains how each facet of our lives impacts our well-being as a whole.


I also truly adore Dr. Mona Lisa’s down-to-earth personality and sense of humor, which makes the radio show entertaining, fun, relaxing, yet insightful and informative at the same time.



Ever since I read the book “You are the Placebo” and took the online class with Dr. Joe Dispenza, “Think Greater! Lose Your Mind & Create a New One!,” I have begun to make positive changes in my life and gone through major transformation. Dr. Dispenza’s work has helped me and many others recognize our own beliefs, memorized behaviors and perceptions and how we unconsciously run our lives as an automatic computer program.  When we become aware of our stagnant, unwanted thought patterns and behaviors, this is when we can rewrite the old, rusty programs to create new hobbies and lifestyles bringing us toward the lives we desire.  Making changes and going through transformation takes work.  Dr. Dispenza’s easy-to-understand approach makes it all achievable. 



If you have been seeking answers about our life purpose, life after death and reincarnation, you will certainly find the book “Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives” by Dr. Michael Newton to be eye-opening, fresh and captivating.  Dr. Newton performed hypnosis on individuals to help them recall their memories and experiences when they were going through physical death and reincarnation.


I enjoyed this book very much, as it has given me a totally different perspective about the answers I have been seeking.



Master So is a renowned metaphysical teacher and practitioner in Asia, specializing in feng shui, palmistry, face reading and Bazi (horoscope).  His feng shui approach and teaching inspired me to create the concept of Alternative Feng Shui, which led to my successful feng shui business and has helped countless individuals improve their lives.  I sincerely give special thanks to Master So, as his work and genuineness have inspired me to continue educating others about feng shui – the ancient Chinese wisdom and philosophy.



Tibetan Buddhists believe that instead of falling asleep each night, we can use that time to practice “waking up.” From that perspective, the waking state is no more real than a dream.  Both are in fact an illusion.  Through dream yoga, we learn to become awake in our dream, and gradually learn to bring the awareness from our dream stage to our waking stage.  Through this process, not only are we transforming the night into meditation, but we begin to transform our life.  We start to wake up in the spiritual sense.


Andrew Holecek, the author of “Dream Yoga: The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming” has done an amazing job of explaining how dream yoga and lucid dreaming work and how some simple steps can help awaken us from our dream and bring that awareness to our waking life.  

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