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Chi Reading

In Chinese, chi means the energy or lifeforce that is within and around us. When performing intuitive/psychic readings, I tune into people’s energy (tapping into their chi) by being in a meditative state while holding objects belong to them. Through a process known as psychometry I clairvoyantly receive messages and impressions through my mind’s eye as well as through my physical senses. The experience is as if I am having a dream. When we dream, oftentimes, we see images, symbols and visions; or we get feelings or emotions from the experience. This is how my intuition and information come in. I call this Chi Reading


In order to get the best results from readings, I encourage my clients not only to have an open mind and open heart, but also to prepare a clear agenda with a list of specific questions for the readings. I’ve found that oftentimes, the more specific the questions, the more specific the messages/impressions are presented. 


Besides a clear agenda and the specific questions, I also suggest that my clients bring certain types of personal items for the readings, such as jewelry, watches and/or keys, since metal and gemstones have a capability to absorb and retain energy. In addition, the objects used for readings should not be previously owned by any other person(s), as it may potentially muddle the results.


In general, a reading lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and can be performed either in-person or by phone. If a session takes place by phone, I ask clients to provide me with a photo for the reading. During the session, I tune into my clients’ energy fields through the vibration of their voices. Although in-person meetings are more intimate, the results from getting readings on the phone are not diminished.

To learn more about Chi Reading and how you can benefit from it, click here:

Dream Decoding

Being a vivid dreamer ever since I was a young child, I was always fascinated by dreams, which led to my life-long study of their meaning and significance. I believe that we are all given a key – our nighttime dreams – to unlock, unveil, or explore the infinite, immeasurable treasures of our subconscious mind. Within us dwells our spirit, our higher self and that subtle inner voice which has all the wisdom, insight and answers we will ever need in this life journey.


With the right tools and guidance, we can decode this language of our souls, and integrate our past experiences, our nighttime dreams and daytime realities to equip us to be strong and resilient and achieve our life goals and ambitions.


Nocturnal dreaming is the language of our soul and our subconscious mind. Dreams communicate to us through symbols, feelings and colors. Tapping into our subconscious mind is like discovering newly-found invaluable treasures, which help us to face our shadows, learn about our limitations and conquer our fears. 


During the dream decoding session, my clients and I work together as a team to go deeper into the dreams, symbol by symbol, as though peeling layers from an onion until we get to the core of the dream. It is when magic starts to happen; when we begin to heal.


This session can either be in-person or by phone. To learn more about my dream-decoding work and how you can benefit from it, click here:

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Mediumship Reading 

Mediumship reading is a way for us to connect/reconnect with our deceased loved ones. The process of mediumship reading is very similar to chi reading (see details in the Chi Reading section). During a mediumship reading session, I tune into a deceased person’s energy through physical objects.


It is particularly helpful for clients to bring a photo of the deceased persons. The photos can be single or group photos, recent or old. If a photo is not available, they can bring objects such as jewelry or handwritten materials. 


Readings usually lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. The meeting can either be in-person or by phone. If meeting takes place on the phone, I ask my clients to provide me with a photo of the deceased loved ones.

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FEng Shui

Feng shui, pronounced “fung-shway” in Mandarin or “fung-shoy” in Cantonese, literally translates as “wind-water” (風水). It is an ancient Chinese art/science developed thousands of years ago to help improve life by creating the optimal and harmonious flow of energy within a space.


In order to help my clients change their lives by changing their physical space, I offer what I call Alternative Feng Shui, providing easy-to-implement and affordable solutions for the modern, fast-paced world. You don’t need to make your home a Zen garden or break the bank with a major construction overhaul to enjoy the thousand years of accumulated insights and benefits that feng shui provides. A few simple steps can improve the positive energy in your home or work space, and minimize the negative energy.


To learn more about feng shui, click here:

Life Coaching

As a certified dream-life coach, I have the skills to coach and support others in living more satisfying lives. My goal is to empower others and help them awaken their innate gifts, talents and genius.


To me, life-coaching is a team effort between me and my clients. We work closely to create a roadmap and action plan to move toward the lives they long to have. Together, I believe we can create a prosperous and fulfilling life.


Once the roadmap is created, it is used as a guide or inspiration in our journey. I work with my clients to break down the roadmap into smaller, more tangible, actionable and measurable steps and set target dates to achieve them. During each one-on-one coaching session, we discuss progress, successes, lesson learned, challenges and roadblocks since the last session, and we brainstorm and discuss potential solutions to assist us to continue to forge ahead. As a life coach, I am a support system, a sounding board, and a cheerleader for my clients throughout their life-changing journey. 


I offer a free consultation session before our journey begins. During the free consultation session, I focus on learning about my clients’ background, diving deeper into finding out what they need and how I can assist. 


Currently, I am offering three different packages: 4 sessions, 8 sessions and 12 sessions.  I also offer customized packages based on clients’ specific needs.


For more information about my coaching work, click here:

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